j u l i a . l i n _ p a i n t i n g s  2 _ o i l _ o n _ w o o d _ E u r o p e _ G e r m a n y

Julia_painting_32_traces, 60x60.jpg
Julia_painting_93_to be continued_4, 58x58.jpg
Julia_painting_2_where a hair is a lot, 134x134.jpg
Julia_painting_59_thank you, olivier, 46x46.jpg
Julia_painting_32_traces, 60x60Julia_painting_93_to be continued_4, 58x58Julia_painting_2_where a hair is a lot, 134x134Julia_painting_109_the hope is a blue fishJulia_painting_59_thank you, olivier, 46x46
Julia_painting_41_emily_blue, 24x27.jpg
Julia_painting_75_expectance XXL, 35x83.jpg
Julia_painting_71_welcome to the top_3, 80x100.jpg
Julia_painting_84_in full sail, 46x46.jpg
Julia_painting_41_emily_blue, 24x27Julia_painting_75_expectance XXL, 35x83Julia_painting_71_welcome to the top_3, 80x100Julia_painting_81_1_my ears are of a dated version, 100x100Julia_painting_84_in full sail, 46x46
Julia_painting_72_a blue one, 27x27.jpg
Julia_painting_146_on the water 100x100.jpg
Julia_painting_144_hug point 100x100.jpg.jpg
Julia_painting_147_a few light years 100x100.jpg.jpg
Julia_painting_72_a blue one, 27x27Julia_painting_146_on the water 100x100Julia_painting_144_hug point 100x100.jpgJulia_painting_145_a rainy desert 100x100.jpgJulia_painting_147_a few light years 100x100.jpg

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